South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum

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South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum

The South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum in Columbia, SC, is a must-visit destination for history buffs and military enthusiasts. This unique museum, which is located on the first floor of the South Carolina State Museum, features an impressive collection of military artifacts from South Carolina’s past. This amazing museum is located at 301 Gervais St, Columbia, SC 29201.

The museum was established in 1896 as the South Carolina Confederate Museum, making it one of the oldest museums of its kind in the United States. In 2014, it was renamed the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum to reflect its expanded mission of preserving and interpreting South Carolina’s military history from all eras.

The museum’s collection includes over 12,000 artifacts, including weapons, uniforms, flags, and personal items used by soldiers throughout South Carolina’s military history. Some of the most notable items in the collection include a Civil War submarine, a Revolutionary War-era cannon, and a World War I-era German machine gun.

One of the museum’s main exhibits is dedicated to the Civil War, which had a significant impact on South Carolina. The exhibit features a wide range of artifacts from the conflict, including a replica of a Confederate field hospital, an extensive collection of Confederate uniforms, and a rare flag carried by the 13th South Carolina Infantry.

Another notable exhibit is the World War I display, which showcases the uniforms, equipment, and weapons used by soldiers during the conflict. The exhibit also features a trench system that visitors can walk through to get a sense of what life was like for soldiers on the front lines. Learn more.

The museum’s World War II exhibit is equally impressive, with a range of artifacts from the war, including weapons, uniforms, and personal items. The exhibit also includes a replica of a German bunker, which visitors can enter to get a sense of what it was like for soldiers on the other side of the conflict.

In addition to its extensive collection of military artifacts, the museum also hosts a range of educational programs and events throughout the year. These include lectures, living history demonstrations, and special exhibits.

One of the museum’s most popular events is its annual Civil War reenactment, which takes place each year in November. The event features reenactors dressed in period costumes, firing replica weapons, and performing drills and maneuvers just as soldiers did during the Civil War.

Overall, the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum is a fascinating destination that offers visitors a unique glimpse into South Carolina’s military history. With its extensive collection of artifacts and engaging educational programs, it is a must-visit for anyone interested in military history, the Civil War, or the history of South Carolina itself. Next article.


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