Clear Aligner Therapy

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Misaligned and crooked teeth can lead to numerous oral issues. They adversely affect the ability to chew, eat, and speak, result in a less attractive smile, and can lead to various health problems. An effective orthodontic treatment can restore cosmetics, function, and health.

While traditional braces do their job, they aren’t the most practical solution for adult patients. Braces are a locked treatment, and the metal wires and brackets are constantly visible. If you want a more discreet and removable option, consider clear aligner therapy.

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What Is Clear Aligner Therapy?

Clear aligner therapy is an orthodontic treatment that uses custom-made dental aligners to shift teeth back into their proper positions and produce a straight and beautiful smile. Clear aligner therapy is effective for patients with misaligned, crowded, or gapped teeth.

Benefits of Clear Aligner Therapy

Traditional braces are ideal treatment plans for some patients. For others, however, clear aligner therapy offers several advantages and benefits.

Nearly Invisible

Many patients, especially adults, feel self-conscious about wearing visible braces. Clear aligners are nearly invisible in patients’ mouths and fit snugly over the teeth in order to not affect speech patterns.


For special occasions when patients want to ensure their treatment remains unknown, clear aligners are removable. They pop right out without requiring special equipment.

Require No Change in Diet

Because clear aligners are removable, they don’t require any change in diet. Whereas patients with dental braces must avoid certain foods, those with aligners can simply take them out to eat.


The metal in dental braces can cause friction that irritates sensitive areas in the mouth. The polyurethane plastic of clear aligners is more gentle.


Clear aligner therapy is a quick treatment. Many patients complete clear aligner therapy in as little as one year, while traditional braces may require up to three years of treatment.

Make Dental Hygiene Easy

Most patients with traditional braces require special equipment, such as floss threaders, to clean and maintain their teeth. With clear aligner therapy, patients can remove their aligners to brush and floss their teeth, making dental hygiene easy.

The Clear Aligner Therapy Process

The clear aligner therapy process begins with a consultation. Your dentist will examine your teeth and gums and create a comprehensive treatment plan.

Next, we’ll take digital images and an impression of your teeth to create custom-made aligners. Once we have the aligners, we’ll check the fit and give you instructions for how long to wear each set and when to swap them out. We’ll have you visit the clinic for a check-up after you finish wearing each set.

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