Fluoride Treatment

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Fluoride treatments help patients of all ages protect their tooth enamel from erosive elements in food, drink, and daily activities. While many people associate this treatment with children with developing teeth, we also recommend fluoride for adults with permanent teeth. Contact our team at Dental Care of Rosewood in Columbia, SC, at 803-810-1416 to learn whether our fluoride treatment options might work for you.

What Does Fluoride Treatment Do?

Most oral hygiene products available in retail stores contain certain levels of fluoride. This mineral protects your teeth by shielding the enamel from plaque, acids, and other substances that wear away at the tooth’s surface. Most oral formulas prevent tooth decay because of fluoride’s presence.

We typically recommend one of our multiple topical fluoride treatments for most patients. For children and teenagers with a high risk for tooth decay, we may prescribe a fluoride supplement that they can take orally.

Who Needs Fluoride Treatment in Columbia, SC?

Most adults and children can benefit from regular fluoride treatments as directed by our practice in Columbia, SC. For adults, our treatments can reduce tooth decay and prevent painful and expensive procedures in later years. Fluoride treatments are integral to children’s developing teeth since they protect from tempting, sugary foods and fortify growing teeth.

Advantages of Fluoride Treatment

As cancer cells multiply and spread, they often cause abnormal tissue growth in the oral cavity. You might notice some common indicators that occur along with the tissue growth, including:

Some advantages of fluoride treatments include:

  • Stronger enamel protection
  • Cavity prevention
  • Remineralization of the tooth’s surface
  • Reduced tooth sensitivity

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We can implement fluoride treatment into your next teeth cleaning exam. This non-invasive process will strengthen your teeth and brighten your smile, ensuring you have healthy teeth for years. Request a fluoride treatment during your next visit to our office in Columbia, SC.


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