Children’s First Dental Visit

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Your child’s baby teeth start coming in around their first five to seven months of life. At this point, consider scheduling your children’s first dental visit to ensure teeth erupt healthily and appropriately. Visit Dental Care of Rosewood to ensure the proper growth and development of your child’s smile.

When Should My Child Have Their First Dental Checkup?

Most experts recommend scheduling your children’s first dental visit before their first birthday or no more than 12 months after getting their first tooth. At this time, dentists check for healthy tooth eruption and early issues of tooth decay.

Regular Dentist Visits Provide Holistic Benefits

Scheduling your child’s first dental visit early in life provides holistic benefits.

Tooth structures impact your child’s eating habits, speech patterns, and facial features. Crowding and jaw issues can cause far-reaching adversities. Dentists who detect these problems early can take effective action to avoid bigger problems.

Before Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Depending on your child’s age, you may not need to prepare them for the dentist at all. However, as they develop communication skills, avoid giving them any negative ideas about the dentist. While adults understand that certain dental procedures hurt, telling children can create fears that don’t exist.

During Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

During your children’s first dental visit, dentists at Dental Care of Rosewood strive to keep your child comfortable, engaged, and happy. The basic checks performed during this appointment likely won’t cause any pain but can detect emerging problems before they worsen.


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