Teeth Extractions

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At Dental Care of Rosewood, we offer a wide range of dental care treatments to address every oral health concern, including teeth extractions. A tooth with a serious infection, injury, or disease might cause more damage to the rest of your mouth. In these cases, we use tooth extraction to prevent further problems.

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Our Process for Teeth Extractions

Since teeth extractions are an invasive procedure, we approach them with care. First, your dentist will determine that no other treatment will work before performing a tooth extraction. Next, you’ll set up an appointment in the coming days for the extraction.

We use local or general anesthesia to numb the extraction site during most procedures. Some patients may request complete sedation or laughing gas to make their experience more comfortable. Finally, your dentist performs the tooth extraction by carefully removing the damaged tooth from the tooth socket.

You might receive a prescription to reduce swelling and pain or prevent bacterial infections. You can arrange to pick them up before your extraction.

What to Expect After Teeth Extractions

Tooth extractions require surgical procedures to complete. Therefore, you should allot enough recovery time to ensure proper healing. In addition to prescriptions, we recommend:

  • Warm and cold compresses to soothe discomfort
  • Soft foods like mashed potatoes, yogurt, and eggs that require less chewing
  • Plenty of rest to speed up your recovery process
  • No drinking from straws, as doing so may cause dry socket
  • Performing oral hygiene as instructed by the dentist to ensure cleanliness and proper healing

The recovery period can last between two and five days. Following your dentist’s instructions can help reduce any discomfort around the extraction site. After recovery, you may qualify for restorative options such as implants and bridges to improve your smile’s appearance.

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